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Japan Today Commenters Hate Japan

The pieces of shit who comment at Japan Today know nothing about Japan. Here is the article: Woman kills three children and herself in charcoal-burning murder-suicide

This is Japanese culture you fucks. When there is not hope, one must commit suicide and kill children. THIS IS JAPANESE CULTURE YOU FUCKFACES. Children cannot be left behind to be a burden on other people.



Why Japanese Beer is the Best in the World

Japanese are raised with a cuisine made from fresh, high quality seasonal food. This is unlike any other country in the world. And we take this refined palette to our approach in beer. This is why the original recipes from Europe have been extensively improved upon. Better, fresher ingredients. More attention to detail. More devoted workers who will never be so much as a second late for work in 40 years on the job. Japan is unequaled in these areas. Peerless.

There is a quality of Japanese beer that puts it firmly above all else, in taste and refreshingness. It must be the clear, pure Japanese water which reminds us of the innocence of a Japanese heart and mind, absent of all impurity, focused only on how to best serve the Emperor himself. Our generation may seem on the outside to serve the corporate master, but the Heisei League of the Divine Wind is in our hearts at each instant, ready to spring into action, drawing a sword, trading a beer for nihonshu, cutting the belly open as a white crane flies across the rising sun of dawn.


Hedge Fund Manager, Japanese, Male, Tokyo

I was having a late lunch with a friend at a very exclusive restaurant and were prepare for our weekend getaway at the Ritz. We did thinking about having relaxing weekend.No job,no stress,no KEITAI (a Japanese mobile gadget). When quake started I did not think it was so big but we became to be frighten after a time. I was worried about my Ferrari,which was parked indoors,but something could fall on it. It is limited edition,very rare,so I concern more for it than myself. Later I learn that way of thinking is like a poison,that I should cherish and relish jealously relationship with beautiful people in my life.But I had not changed way of thinking yet. My companion was very nervous,and I was afraid her delicate,flower like nature would be upset by the shaking.then it stopped. we ate and went to the Ritz,where we watched on tele vision what happen after with TSUNAMI (a large type of Japanese sea wave). It was not appropriate mood for the champagne and special uniform I had for companion.after a time, we decided to cancel plans for the weekend. So I drove her back to home and then drove to my own home.My wife and children were fine,but worried about if servants would be able to get home.In the end we were of course fine,but in TOHOKU (a part of Japan in the far east) there was too much was a sad thing.I decided to travel to help with cleanup and rebuilding if I can.we must all help each other in difficult times.

Foreigners no longer safe in Japan?

Over the weekend there was a report that two Japanese men beat a Nepalese man to death in OSAKA. A court has not yet found the young men guilty, so it is important to keep that in mind. Of course, Japanese are not violent by nature, so it is possible that this is a case of ZAINICHI violence against the foreigner.

But if you are foreigner in Japan, you must be thinking it is a good time to leave. Incidents such as  these could become more common. Of course they are deplorable for using violence, but more and more Japanese are waking up to the fact that foreigners should not be living in Japan. This is our country. Sometimes the violence happens. We must strive to drive out foreigners with laws, without violence.


As part of efforts to enforce patriotism and traditional Japanese ideals, we are proud to be part of OPERATION BLACKLIST.

If you know the names of any people who have protested against nuclear power in Japan, please submit them to us via email. We are helping put together a BLACKLIST of these names so Japanese corporations will know that these people are human garbage doing the bidding of the Chinese Communist Party and cannot be hired.

No one should be allowed to protest against nuclear power and go unpunished.

j4p4nftw at YAHOO dot COM

Foreign lies about Japan exposed

Foreigners keep saying that people who protest the nuclear power in Japan never get attention on the news. That is a viscous lie. Just look at this picture here

Plenty of media are covering the protester. Even in the comment sled, you have forigeners saying this isn’t being covered by the media! It’s amazing how much they will tell a lie.

More nonsense from Hugh CORTAZZI

Why the Japan Times continues to publish anti-Japanese screeds from Hugh CORTAZZI is a mystery of the era. This man knows nothing about Japan and  is full of prejudice to the country.

Japanese have been taught over the centuries that loyalty is the supreme virtue.

No one is centuries old. Yes Japanese live the longest, but no one is that old!

Unfortunately it seems clear that in some Japanese companies the exposure of wrongdoing is regarded as an act of disloyalty that must be punished.

Weasel words. Who are these “some” Japanese companies? And it “seems” clear? How about some proof to back up your statement?

The tendency in Japan seems to many foreign observers to be to close ranks and do everything possible to cover up wrongdoing or where that is impossible to smooth out the effects of dishonesty and fraud so that the company can quickly get back to “normal.” In this case “normal” often seems to mean the continuation of dubious practices.

Again, proof? Any actual examples from real life? I didn’t think so. Let’s split this next sentence in half:

This may seem a harsh and unfair judgement of recent cases in Japanese companies where attempts have been made to cover up wrongdoing,

Yes, it is not only harsh and unfair, but also fantasy, made up, lies and bullshit!

but Japanese should recognize that this is the impression formed by foreign media.

Who cares what the foreign media think? They’re wrong. They are the ones that should try to report accurately on Japan.

Japan can no longer rest in the belief that its loyalty system gives it unique qualities that can be preserved unchanged as if it were one of the Galapagos Islands.

We never did. The uniqueness comes from the gods,  not some “loyalty system” nonsense you made up sir.

Japan cannot stand alone.

We trade with the rest of the world.

This inevitably means greater openness toward foreign investment and a willingness to adapt Japanese ways to international standards.

Go away, cultural imperialist! Japan is NOT interested in doing things the “international” way. We do things our way, we are proud of our way and we’re not changing. Look at your basket case of a country, Britain.  Do you actually think Japan is going to emulate your nation of cold blooded poms? You have riots on your streets and RBS destroying your economy. No thank you!

But if Japan is to succeed in avoiding or at least in postponing economic decline, it needs to take urgent steps to promote internationalization and combat complacency. Japanese need to be much more willing to study and work abroad.

No and no.  Go away, cultural imperialist!