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More nonsense from Hugh CORTAZZI

January 19, 2012

Why the Japan Times continues to publish anti-Japanese screeds from Hugh CORTAZZI is a mystery of the era. This man knows nothing about Japan and  is full of prejudice to the country.

Japanese have been taught over the centuries that loyalty is the supreme virtue.

No one is centuries old. Yes Japanese live the longest, but no one is that old!

Unfortunately it seems clear that in some Japanese companies the exposure of wrongdoing is regarded as an act of disloyalty that must be punished.

Weasel words. Who are these “some” Japanese companies? And it “seems” clear? How about some proof to back up your statement?

The tendency in Japan seems to many foreign observers to be to close ranks and do everything possible to cover up wrongdoing or where that is impossible to smooth out the effects of dishonesty and fraud so that the company can quickly get back to “normal.” In this case “normal” often seems to mean the continuation of dubious practices.

Again, proof? Any actual examples from real life? I didn’t think so. Let’s split this next sentence in half:

This may seem a harsh and unfair judgement of recent cases in Japanese companies where attempts have been made to cover up wrongdoing,

Yes, it is not only harsh and unfair, but also fantasy, made up, lies and bullshit!

but Japanese should recognize that this is the impression formed by foreign media.

Who cares what the foreign media think? They’re wrong. They are the ones that should try to report accurately on Japan.

Japan can no longer rest in the belief that its loyalty system gives it unique qualities that can be preserved unchanged as if it were one of the Galapagos Islands.

We never did. The uniqueness comes from the gods,  not some “loyalty system” nonsense you made up sir.

Japan cannot stand alone.

We trade with the rest of the world.

This inevitably means greater openness toward foreign investment and a willingness to adapt Japanese ways to international standards.

Go away, cultural imperialist! Japan is NOT interested in doing things the “international” way. We do things our way, we are proud of our way and we’re not changing. Look at your basket case of a country, Britain.  Do you actually think Japan is going to emulate your nation of cold blooded poms? You have riots on your streets and RBS destroying your economy. No thank you!

But if Japan is to succeed in avoiding or at least in postponing economic decline, it needs to take urgent steps to promote internationalization and combat complacency. Japanese need to be much more willing to study and work abroad.

No and no.  Go away, cultural imperialist!


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