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March 1, 2012

Hedge Fund Manager, Japanese, Male, Tokyo

I was having a late lunch with a friend at a very exclusive restaurant and were prepare for our weekend getaway at the Ritz. We did thinking about having relaxing weekend.No job,no stress,no KEITAI (a Japanese mobile gadget). When quake started I did not think it was so big but we became to be frighten after a time. I was worried about my Ferrari,which was parked indoors,but something could fall on it. It is limited edition,very rare,so I concern more for it than myself. Later I learn that way of thinking is like a poison,that I should cherish and relish jealously relationship with beautiful people in my life.But I had not changed way of thinking yet. My companion was very nervous,and I was afraid her delicate,flower like nature would be upset by the shaking.then it stopped. we ate and went to the Ritz,where we watched on tele vision what happen after with TSUNAMI (a large type of Japanese sea wave). It was not appropriate mood for the champagne and special uniform I had for companion.after a time, we decided to cancel plans for the weekend. So I drove her back to home and then drove to my own home.My wife and children were fine,but worried about if servants would be able to get home.In the end we were of course fine,but in TOHOKU (a part of Japan in the far east) there was too much was a sad thing.I decided to travel to help with cleanup and rebuilding if I can.we must all help each other in difficult times.


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