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Why Japanese Beer is the Best in the World

May 15, 2012

Japanese are raised with a cuisine made from fresh, high quality seasonal food. This is unlike any other country in the world. And we take this refined palette to our approach in beer. This is why the original recipes from Europe have been extensively improved upon. Better, fresher ingredients. More attention to detail. More devoted workers who will never be so much as a second late for work in 40 years on the job. Japan is unequaled in these areas. Peerless.

There is a quality of Japanese beer that puts it firmly above all else, in taste and refreshingness. It must be the clear, pure Japanese water which reminds us of the innocence of a Japanese heart and mind, absent of all impurity, focused only on how to best serve the Emperor himself. Our generation may seem on the outside to serve the corporate master, but the Heisei League of the Divine Wind is in our hearts at each instant, ready to spring into action, drawing a sword, trading a beer for nihonshu, cutting the belly open as a white crane flies across the rising sun of dawn.

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