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Bad Foreigner Sites About Japan

1. The Japan Times

This has to be the worst site about Japan.  They are liberal scum and publish some of the worst articles about Japan that have ever been seen. Hugh Cortazzi, Gregory Clark, Amy Chavez, Arudadebuto…a list could go on forever. None of these people knows anything about Japan,  none of  them understand Japanese people or customs, and none of them should be writing about or living in Japan.

2. Japan TODAY

Japan TODAY has the most ignorant commenters about Japan. These people know nothing about Japan. Only comments that are anti-Japan and pro-USA are allowed to stay on site. If you make a comment pointing out an error or showing something good about Japan, it will be removed very early.


This is a troll site where anti-Japanese people complain about supposed “racism” in Japan. The stories on this site are fabrications. It is nothing but a Japan attack site.

4. Japan PROBE

This writer is an apologist for Japan, which makes no sense as he is forigner. Such people are fakes, and show how they are traitor to their own culture and thus cannot be trusted.

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